Rosé, We Miss You

2015-02-14 21.22.17

When we lived in Indy, a very good liquor store was about a five-minute walk from our house. This was good when we knew we’d have guests and needed to grab something last-minute or when we wanted to drink some rosé with the NBA All-Star Weekend, a tradition begun in 2014 when we learned Drake enjoys rosé.

Anyway, we’d go, and the folks there were so good at recommending things and always offering tastings. I’d been eyeing a bottle of the rosé pictured above, and the guy working there that we always saw said it was delicious as well as a steal. If I remember correctly this bottle didn’t sell for more than $12, and it’s some of the most delicious rosé I can recall. Not too sweet, not cloying, not too assertive. It had a bit of a tartness to it that recommended itself to cheeses. We miss this rosé. We can’t find it anywhere we’ve been in the Twin Cities, so the memory must sustain us.


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