Food Tells Stories

Wanted to post a little update here that my interview with composer Ben Houge about his food operas went up on Paste Magazine today.

This is my first food-related publication since leaving LongHouse, and it feels good, like, hey, I can do this. Maybe I won’t be able to make it my full-time thing–at least not right now–but I can do this. I don’t know. It’s been hard to get jazzed about anything much since November 8, and while this interview about food and music obviously isn’t going to solve the very real problems our country and the world face, I hope it at least provides a few people with something new to think about, a different way of considering what they taste and what they hear.

Food, to me, is so much about identity. And sharing. You can tell a little story about yourself just by the cookies you bake or the beer you order or the recipe you send to your co-worker. You tell a story when friends come over for dinner, placing trust in you to feed them something tasty and nourishing. Maybe you linger around the table, remnants of dessert in front of you, someone pouring just a touch more wine into their glass. You tell other stories then and trade jokes and memories. Food can bring a community together, sustain it, provide joy and common cause.

Again, the mere fact of food and writing about it won’t address the divides in our country. But we can use it as a starting place. As my friend Sarah from LongHouse says, “Everybody eats breakfast.”


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