LongHouse Days 14 and 15

This post is a bit belated, but it takes time to process an experience like LongHouse. Our last full day all together was spent workshopping feature pieces, discussing our vision statements, and, later, hiking together one last time through Huyck Preserve. Of course Oliver had to take a dip in the lake.

photo 3 (1)

Oliver in Lake Myosotis.

We spoke a little less than during the hike on our first day in Rensselaerville. Well, maybe not less. We were certainly more familiar with one another, but by that point–two weeks of eating together, living side-by-side, providing feedback on writing–we were comfortable in any silence. We joked throughout our time about this program being “food camp,” as if were about to head off to the arts and crafts cabin any moment. But in our joking, we got at something true: we formed friendships very quickly. We’ve all talked about collaborating on future projects and staying in touch after the program wraps up.

Dinner on Saturday was an extended affair. We were told it would be tapas-style, but then, of course, Liam and Fen outdid themselves. Soba noodles and shrimp, rice balls breaded in panko and pan-fried, beets and greens salad, fig-bacon-blue cheese egg tart in flaky crust. We ate, we poured wine, we laughed. We all felt it was our last evening all together. We lingered, retelling stories that already felt distant. We convinced Molly to join us in several rounds of Heads Up (she’s really good at acting out weight lifting).

Sunday morning was stripping beds and saying good-byes. Amy Halloran visited and made pancakes, and they were delicious. Without the full group, though, we couldn’t enjoy them as fully.

It’s a cliche, but I don’t care: Thank you, everyone, for making these two weeks some of the best in my life.


Top row: Collin, Sara, Claire, Becca, Fen. Bottom row: Sarah, Liam, Oliver, me, Letícia.


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