LongHouse Day 11

Pitchathon with Hali Ramdene from The Kitchn and Jocelyn Zuckerman of Modern Farmer. We were all pretty nervous since we’d never really pitched before, especially in person. Luckily, Hali and Jocelyn are very kind people and offered excellent suggestions about how to frame our pitches and who to pitch. They made a good pair for this since Jocelyn is very much out of the print tradition and Hali is very digital. I was, I’ll admit, surprised and pleased at how often Jocelyn suggested we pitch to Saveur. Whoa! Hali and Jocelyn also recommended that Sara pitch her incredible lionfish story to The Washington Post.

If you’ve noticed, my summary posts are becoming brief, any my syntax labored. I’m tired. We’ve been doing so much, and it’s all truly wonderful, but it does tire you out. I don’t know how Liam, Fen, and Sara are doing all of this in addition to cooking. My hat is off to them.

Thursday and Friday are writing days. We workshop our features again on Friday night, if we keep to schedule.


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