LongHouse Day 9

Holy crap. Who knew photography could make you so tired? I guess if I’d ever sat down to think about it, I would’ve known this. We spent the entire day photographing. We went to a berry farm this morning, then we took photos of finished blueberry pies, then we photographed Liam and Fen and Claire preparing more blueberry pies. The house smells of butter, and I have a feeling a leftover pie will make it onto the breakfast table tomorrow.

Leading us in all of this was Ariana Lindquist, who I believe I mentioned in my previous post. What an excellent photographer and an amazing teacher. She took such care today, working individually or in small groups with us, demonstrating her approach, and making suggestions. When photographing people, she recommended working in a circle, taking photos from all angles. Sounds so obvious once you hear it, but having that in mind really helped. None of us can shut up about how lucky we feel to have had her visit and offer instruction.

My syntax is terrible right now. I’m tired from bending and lunging and squatting and stretching, and my back and neck and shoulders ache. But concentrating so intensely on this one medium for entire day pushes you to improve very quickly. You take photo after photo, learning each time how to better read the light, your environment, and the people you’re photographing. This isn’t to say that every single photo is better than the last. I certainly couldn’t master exposure and shutter speed all the time, many of my later photos were blurry or lopsided, but the whole thing was fun, and it exercised my brain in a new way.

By the end of the day, we were instructed to choose ten of our favorite/best photos from the three portions of the day. Ariana met with us one-on-one to go through the photos. She commented on each and winnowed the 30 down to six. She called some of my photos “surprising.” Not sure what that means, but I’ll take it. My six photos are below. WordPress is taking some of the color and clarity from these, but you get the idea.


At Bohringer’s Farm in Middleburgh, NY.




Cindy was very kind to let us speak with her while working and to photograph her. We learned she works 80 hours a week in June just keeping up with everything that’s growing. Luckily, her hours scale back in the fall, but she works a ton then, too, to clean up peeled butternut squash.


Kitty. (This is one Ariana called surprising. Little did she know how my love of cats can find its way into anything.)


Blueberry pie.


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