LongHouse Day 8

A day of carbs and writing! Pancakes for brunch–fluffy, mile-high–pasta with bolognese for dinner, and a butter cake I made for dessert. Oof. Glad we’re walking around a berry farm on Day 9.

Besides spending most of the day editing and writing–met with Becca, and she is a wonderful editor–Ariana Lindquist arrived to teach us about photography. We’ll be creating mini slideshow stories about going to a berry farm, picking berries, and making pies. Anyway, this woman is incredible. She’s lived in China and traveled the world, photographing people sharing food and living their lives. She’s told a lot of stories about recent immigrants through her work. (And she’s from Minnesota!) She gave us a brief presentation on what she looks for while photographing and then listed the six basic principles of photography (some of which I remembered from my 12th-grade photo science class): color and texture, light, leading lines, rule of thirds, angle, and depth of field. She also provided a handout listing the different types of shots that should be included in a slideshow. You don’t want all of one kind; that’s not visually interesting.

My attempt at dinner to take visually interesting photos:

photo 1 (9)

Sarah looks sad only because she’s hungry.

photo 2 (9)

Detail on the bolognese.

Here’s hoping the berry farm goes well!



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