LongHouse Day 6

A mostly free day to structure as we pleased. I have the next iteration of my walleye article, really just another first draft since I cut it from ten pages to two. I also worked on my blog post, read some food articles, and downloaded the audio from Jeanne’s interview with Neftali. Becca, our writing mentor, told us anyone was free to grab those audio files and play around with them, so I think tomorrow I’m going to try to shape an outline in the morning of what a podcast with that interview would sound like.

Dinner consisted of arepas made by Sara. They were crisp on the outside, soft and chewy inside, and we split them and filled them with guacamole, crema, and grated cheese. Rich and satisfying. Molly announced that she’d had to put her dog to sleep the evening before, and we remembered her sheepdog, Tootsie, old and frail but still managing a tail wag and a smile.

After dinner, we workshopped our blog posts, sitting in a circle and reading them aloud for everyone. It’s wonderful to hear works-in-progress and think about how to take what’s already working and make it even better.

Ice cream followed, with Nutella sauce, fresh whipped cream, and crumbled peanut-and-jelly cookies. Liam and Fen really outdo themselves. We sat around the table for a good while after that, talking American history, historical fiction, school projects, and The Baby-Sitters Club.

I apologize that this post and a couple of my others have been more listing, listing, listing of what happens on a given day, but I don’t want to forget. Somehow, we’re almost through our first week. On the one hand, another week here seems like a long time, and on the other, I know I’ll blink, and it’ll be July 17.

So, I want to go to the library next door. I want to walk around and take pictures of the houses. I want to see this cat again that I’ve ran into on the street twice already that must be an indoor-outdoor cat because it’s very well groomed and friendly.

Right now it’s raining, and chilly air and splashes of raindrops are blowing through the window. After the mugginess and heat of the last couple of days, this is more than welcome. We learn about recipe-testing tomorrow, and we’re attending a pig roast. Should be fascinating.


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