LongHouse Day 1

Take a hike in a tiny town completely unfamiliar to you. Walk by the historical society housed in a crumbling red building. Walk by the Nature Preserve. Climb a shady trail by the waterfall that looks like a staircase for giants.

photo 2

Rensselaerville Falls

Pet two sheep dogs, one quite old, her eyes crusty but her tongue-out-smile still wide.

Laugh with people who will become friends and critics, considering your work with seriousness.

Eat dinner together: roast chicken so juicy, sweet potato gratin oozing, perfectly dressed green salad with warm tomatoes.

photo 4

Gather for a workshop. Hear about sustainable sushi, lionfish hunters, the history of fish sticks, the questions surrounding authenticity of oyster bars in New Orleans. Read your piece. Realize it’s too long. Know it’s better to cut than to have to add.


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